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television ‘Wheel of Time’ TV Series Lands at Sony Epic Fantasy could be next GoT Sony
gaming I heard that Microsoft made a console called the Game 300. It it true? Microsoft
IAmA I've been helping businesses get ranked #1 on Google a long time, and LOVE to teach people. Can we do an AMA? Google
mildlyinteresting I took my Gatorade out of the refrigerator and it got frozen solid Gatorade
funny A Galactic First! This McDonald's franchise has just been approved to open on The Death Star McDonald's
pics Google’s artificial neural networks processes Google images. This is the result. Google
television Farm Food by Chris Ballew, a parody of "Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America, from the Farming episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy United
AskReddit Serious Just got my first Costco card as an adult. What do you get at Costco, Reddit? Costco
videos Confrontation between American Airlines Employee and Passengers American Airlines
AskReddit Options are getting thin: American screwed up, United screwed up. Reddit, who can we fly with anymore? United
pics Taken from inside the Rogers Center. CN Tower in all it's glory. Rogers
pics Taken from inside the Rogers Center. CN Tower in all it's glory. CN
funny Replying to not finished Facebook conversations from 6 years ago Facebook
news Why Rome sends trains filled with rubbish to Austria - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting This Dove bottle had two labels Dove
AskReddit SERIOUS People who have been on the MTV show Catfish, what was it like? MTV
OldSchoolCool My grandmother working the switchboard at Southern Bell in 1951 Bell
gaming Best Xbox games to play alone Xbox
Jokes The Orange Cashier Long Orange
mildlyinteresting The "M" in these MTV stickers is upside down. MTV
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's on Cozumel island off the coast of Mexico only serves desserts McDonald's
Music Cardiacs - Bell Clinks Prog/punk Bell
Showerthoughts If a company used stereotypes of other ethnicities in their ads like Subway does to promote their Italian sub, people would lose their shit. Subway
funny Goddammit, which one of you made this happen when you Google Sarah Jessica Parker!? Google
Music Hands - Volvo indie Close your eyes, forget the commercial, listen to the tune... Volvo
Showerthoughts Some Google Dev that was working on Google Earth was specifically assigned to make a 3-D model of your house/apartment building. Google
todayilearned TIL that during World War II, a former member of the bonnie and clyde gang by the name of W.D. Jones attempted to join the United States Army. But was rejected after doctors discovered that he still had bullets embedded in his body from multiple police shootouts from more than a decade earlier. United
AskReddit Serious What does a perfect United States look like/entail to you? United
todayilearned TIL that during World War II, a former member of the bonnie and clyde gang named W.D. Jones attempted to join the United States Army after being let out of prison. He was rejected after doctors found "four buckshot and a bullet" in his chest, and that part of his lung had been blown away. United
todayilearned TIL in the United States, people who turn 100 years old receive a letter from the President, congratulating them on their longevity. United
food Chocolate Orange Cheesecake homemade Orange
Showerthoughts I can't wait for Apple to start making contact lenses. Then I could put a filter on to make the world not look so shitty. Apple
Showerthoughts If I put translate something using Google Translate and it makes sense I know whoever wrote it probably isn't a speaker of the language. Google
movies Ghost in the Shell Cyberpunk Derelict City: VFX Breakdown Shell
Music Sylvan Esso -Just Dancing pop Esso
news Vietnamese villagers free police hostages - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting An Xbox One controller's infrared sensors made visible through picture flash Xbox
pics Anyone else outside of the US wonder why ESPN still geoblocks their videos as if they're exclusive footage? ESPN
todayilearned TIL that Steve Jobs thought pairing a stylus with a tablet would render it a failure in design. In 2015 Apple announced the Pencil, a stylus for iPads Apple
gaming New hopeful gamer with a few questions regarding Xbox one and PS4 Xbox
videos Michael Jackson MTV 10th anniversary MTV
todayilearned TIL someone anonymously sent St. Jude Children's Research Hospital a $1 million-winning McDonald's Monopoly piece. Although McDonald's does not allow the transfer of prizes, they had waived the rule. McDonald's
AskReddit You wake up and it is 2100. What is your first Google Search? Google
AskReddit Why was there massive public outcry that caused united to lose billions because they gave a guy a bloody lip. But almost no mention of the American Airlines lady that beat the crap out of somebody for trying to bring a stroller on board? Was it just because of the way the company handled it? American Airlines
funny You never go maximum… from Toyota engine manual Toyota
science Cuba's Cancer Revolution and Biotech: Lung Vaccine for EGF. 10's of 1000s have had lifespan extended. Power of science when socially organized. BBC Radio Podcast BBC
Music Are you a paid SoundCloud or Spotify or Google Pay user? Why did you choose that? Google
funny Looks like this Starbucks had enough Starbucks
AskReddit What is exactly 5,555 miles away from where you currently are in any direction, on Google Maps? Google
food Today I drank Redd's Apple Ale + Fireball Apple
tifu TIFU by discussing with the family about why Uber is better than taxi, whilst being driven in a taxi. Uber
videos Nikki Bella and John Cena goes Nude on Youtube Catch the video right here Youtube
gaming Looking for rhythm/music games for Playstation systems. Playstation
Showerthoughts Interesting fact: Walmart is a supermarket, not a zoo Walmart
pics First art project ever. Answers to extraneous questions: yes I was under the influence. Yes my initials are BG and yes it's my fucking birthday. art wouldn't accept my post so this post is in spite of those artsyfuckinfartsyduecheholes. BG
todayilearned TIL Sebastian Vettel named his 2009 F1 Red Bull RB5 "Kate's Dirty Sister." Red Bull
news Rupert Murdoch buying Sky News is the real reason why Bill O'Rilley was let go Sky
Jokes Why did the Facebook killer kill himself? Facebook
Jokes My answer when someone asks how I feel about United Airlines... United
Jokes Why are all the airlines in the United States so... United
aww POTUS. Puppy of the United States United
gadgets Nike and Apple are about to drop this collaboration on the public Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is it about Microsoft updates that they happen so often, instead of waiting a longer period of time to update alot in one sitting? Microsoft
Showerthoughts Toonami Tom has just been playing No Man's Sky this whole time. Sky
AskReddit serious Those of you who have deactivated Facebook accounts; Why did you and has it made you feel better? Facebook
mildlyinteresting Opened a Sprint , the whole cap came together Sprint
todayilearned TIL that 3 people attempted to sell Coca Cola's secret ingredient to Pepsi for $1.5m. But Pepsi reported them to Coca Cola and the FBI. Pepsi
news North Korea 'detains American citizen' - BBC News BBC
philosophy Atomic Intel Brief - What's Really Going On Intel
AskReddit Just like PC vs Xbox vs PS, what are the opposing sides in YOUR favourite hobby? Xbox
gaming Discussion Xbox One or other console? Xbox
todayilearned TIL Sony sold CDs that silently installed malware on PCs, in an attempt to protect their business. Sony
Showerthoughts I had a dream about Sprite last night, but even worse than that... I couldn't find any kind of function that would allow me to skip that dream. Sprite
videos My little brother has been working on this Lego Star Wars animation for what seems like forever! He finally finished it and is very proud of it and wants to see what you think! Lego
AskReddit SeriousWhat type of tweets and/or posts are most likely going to help you make your favorite celebrity follow you in Twitter and/or Instagram? Twitter
AskReddit What type of tweets or posts will most likely make your favorite celebrity follow you on Twitter and/or Instagram? Twitter
Music Roman Sky - Lost Voices Chill Trap edm 2017 Sky
listentothis TNJX - Sky Pirate Fairycore 2013 Sky
history I just found out I am related to someone who died in the Halifax Explosion. Anyone else? Halifax
videos Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software or Extension Youtube
worldnews Pope Francis: Europe migrant centres 'concentration camps' - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting These rows of apples at Target came in like this. Target
pics Crater Lake, Oregon, United States of America United
worldnews How might Donald Trump do a deal with North Korea? - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does Charter skip certain episodes of shows on demand? Charter
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Crater Lake, Oregon, United States of America United
worldnews Spammers Populate Google Maps With Pirate Links. Copyright holders are not happy with this unintended use and are targeting the pages with various takedown notices Google
Showerthoughts I wonder if in the afterlife, your success is binary - you're successful if you have a Google doodle, and not if you don't! Google
worldnews IMF meeting drops anti-protectionism pledge - BBC News BBC
worldnews Combiflam, D Cold Total and others found to be 'substandard' by drug regulator: All you need to know Total
todayilearned TIL Every year, the Delta Dental Plans Association polls Chicago area children about the amount of money they receive for a lost tooth and compiles it into a mock financial report called the "Tooth Fairy Index." Delta
gaming What games are Must-Play games for Xbox One? Xbox
gaming I'd like to create an Xbox 1 Ghost Recon Wild lands team. Xbox
OldSchoolCool My Papa Chiquito 1969 at the Boston Subway Station. Subway
mildlyinteresting This shop has a massive Coca-Cola bottle collection. Coca-Cola
Documentaries Japan: A Story of Love and Hate 2008 - BBC doc about Naoki, a part time postal worker who used to be a high powered executive before the bubble burst in the 90's. Now lives in poverty with his younger girlfriend Yoshie in a dysfunctional relationship. BBC
listentothis Treehouse Casino -- Silver Tongue Indie/Garage Rock 2017 Casino
pics Found this old-school Coca-Cola metal cooler at an estate sale for $5. Pretty neat! Coca-Cola
Showerthoughts There should be an Uber for toilets. It could run on methane gas. Uber
AskReddit How many images are there on Google Images ? Google
gaming QUESTION Should I keep my launch PS4 and Xbox One S or trade them for a PS4 Pro? Xbox
todayilearned TIL that there was once a black market for pre-recall Blue Bell ice cream. Bell
funny Today's Google doodle looks more like a handlebar mustache rather tham what's supposed to be. Google
worldnews Holograms, mistrust and 'fake news' in France's election - BBC News BBC
OldSchoolCool Special Effects master Stan Winston and his animatronic T-Rex on the set of ‘Jurassic Park.’ circa 1993 Winston
videos Man gets high of "Air-Duster" in a McDonald's Parking Lot McDonald's
Art Illuminated T, Apple pencil, 3"x3" Apple
funny Added my SO of over a year on Facebook this morning. Facebook
Showerthoughts What if Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson are just the world's best googles? Tyson
aww A Dog Playing A Sky Rocket. Sky
todayilearned TIL that the only reason that the United States has the same Stop Sign design as the rest of the world is because the UN adopted the USA standard. The US never signed the UN convention that made it standard. United
mildlyinteresting Samsung and Apple stores next to each other in Barcelona. Apple
mildlyinteresting These IKEA interlocking chair packages IKEA
videos I made a Lego Animation for a school contest. X-Post /Lego and /Mountandblade Lego
worldnews US Accuses TCS, Infosys Of Violating H-1B Visa Norms Infosys
worldnews Film points finger at South Korean government for Sewol disaster - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Train/ Airplane / Ship / Subway operators of Reddit , what's the most unforgettable thing that happened to you during work ? Subway
AskReddit What is worse than stepping on Lego barefoot? Lego
gaming My dad plugged in my Xbox to the car now I. Can play IN THE CAR! Xbox
pics The Sheraton in Doha, Qatar looks like Camp Big Falcon Sheraton
todayilearned TIL Mike Tyson Races Pigeons And Made A show "Taking on Tyson" That Focuses On The Ancient Sport Of Pigeon Racing. Tyson
food Homemade Lego Batman cake Lego
AskReddit What's the single most horrible hotel you can find based on Google Maps' user-submitted photos? Google
AskReddit Serious Malaysian claims on Facebook that a certain stranger is releasing a sort of dizziness/fainting-inducing scent when a document is opened close to their face. Is this possible? Facebook
gaming It'll Take 2 Years to Fully Utilize Xbox Scorpio's Power; 12GB RAM Means "No Real Technical Limits", Says Stardock CEO Xbox
todayilearned TIL Cosplayers @ DragonCon made camouflage of the Marriott Hotel's carpet- and received a cease and desist for doing so! Marriott
funny Then never before seen BMW echo. BMW
Music Electric Paws - Crying Sky electronic Sky
EarthPorn OC 1080x1920 A field in spring time. Wirral, England, United Kingdom United
AskReddit SeriousWhy are Google Apps missing from upper right corner when I open Chrome? Google
dataisbeautiful Eight "nations" of the United States United
Showerthoughts It would be fantastic if there was a credit card where the rewards, instead of being airline miles, were paid out in AirBnB or Uber credit Uber
worldnews Macron-Le Pen 'in French run-off' - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Redditors in the United States; what was the last 1-900 number you called, when and why? United
funny This dude's face at the Apple Store Apple
worldnews France elections: Macron-Le Pen though to run-off, projections say - BBC News BBC
AskReddit If Facebook was a face, what part would Reddit be? Facebook
news Cherokee Nation files lawsuit targeting CVS and other pharmacies in opioid crisis CVS
news Tim Cook reportedly threatened to remove Uber from the App Store in CEO meeting Uber
gaming Anyone know what the deal is with Volkswagen vehicles being absent from pretty much every racing game made in the last 10 years? Volkswagen
todayilearned TIL that Starbucks has a secret menu Starbucks
worldnews French election 2017: Who are the candidates? - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What is the most interesting place to explore in Google maps? Google
mildlyinteresting Rust spot resembles the United States. United
news Onetime Mrs. Orange County pleads guilty to child pornography Orange
pics "Three F-86 Sabres and an F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jet fly in formation during the 2016 Heritage Flight Training and Certification Course at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base" on 6 March 2016 in Arizona, USA. Photographer: United States Air Force Senior Airman Chris Massey United
videos [MY HANDS ARE TRAPPED! Statik #1 - Playstation VR Gameplay](https://www.reddit.com/videos/comments/673zh5/my_hands_are_trapped_statik_1_playstation_v)
pics "An Air Combat Command F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team aircraft flies during the AirPower over Hampton Roads Open House" on 24 April 2016 at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, USA. Photographer: United States Air Force Senior Airman Kayla Newman United
mildlyinteresting Condom section in Walmart is called "Family Planning" Walmart
funny A wild Canadian Goose storming out of Target after realizing they only accept U.S. currency Target
Showerthoughts With the choice between LePen and Macron, France will be choosing between Goldman Sachs and Vladimir Putin. Goldman Sachs
worldnews Aurora photographers find new night sky lights and call them Steve - BBC News BBC
food Homemade Breakfast: Eggs, Sausage, Potato Veggie Hash; Crepes with a Mixed Berry Compote and Mascarpone; Orange Juice Orange
funny When you're dragged to Starbucks against your will... Starbucks
AskReddit What memories has Facebook reminded you of that made you cringe? Facebook
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is happening when your Xbox and other electronics are "updating"? Xbox
food I ate/made - Glam'd up some McDonald's pancakes with strawberries, whip cream, and veggie sausages McDonald's
AskReddit Why does the United States not use our own excess trash/waste to make energy like some European countries do? United
Showerthoughts New movies about Steve Jobs are going to keep coming out because everyone knows Apple fans are dumb enough to pay for the same thing every couple years Apple
gaming Any good baseball games for Xbox One? Xbox
Jokes I'm so sick of United Airlines jokes. United
pics Last Nite I received my BP Fellow diploma and pin from HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden . BP
videos What will happen if you boil a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino? Starbucks
gifs 120mph Ford Focus crash test Ford
personalfinance CAN Pay off OSAP or Scotiabank student line of credit first? Scotiabank
todayilearned TIL That a man once tried to sue Pepsi because he found a mouse in his can of Mountain Dew, Pepsi defended the case by proving that Mountain Dew can dissolve a mouse in a few months. Pepsi
worldnews ISIS threaten to behead a hacker after he takes over 250 jihadi Twitter accounts and fills them with porn Twitter
mildlyinteresting Bought a couple sealed DVD's at Kroger today for $5 and this was on the inside of one of them Kroger
todayilearned TIL: there are more marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado Than McDonald's & Starbucks, Combined. McDonald's
funny When you're Asian and flying United Airlines United
AskReddit If Smell-O-Vision worked like a Google search, what would you look up first? Google
gaming Replaying Dawnguard and falling in love with the sexy vampire Serana again, I decided to Google who did her voice. Google
Showerthoughts There should be a Minecraft-style Lego video game Lego
pics Spotted the Notorious B.I.G. at Starbucks today. Starbucks
Showerthoughts I sometimes try to shop at Whole Foods just to remind myself how poor I'm Whole Foods
funny Because no UPS man is an island... UPS
funny My local Facebook "free and for sale" page. Tried to come up with a good caption...decided to just leave it here and let reddit do what reddit does Facebook
videos The New York Subway in 1986 Subway
mildlyinteresting This Xbox 1 fits into this shelving slot perfectly Xbox
OldSchoolCool My grandfather interviewing Albert Einstein for CBS news in the 1950's. CBS
LifeProTips LPT: Scheduling an Uber ride a day in advance cuts the price almost 40%. Great for rides to the airport. Uber
OldSchoolCool Prince Rogers Nelson circa 1978 Rogers
AskReddit What are some cool/weird/funny/creepy things you can see on Google Earth? Google
pics Today a Mazda blew past me in the opposing lane, while we were in a schoolzone. There were kids around and I want to report it. I focused in on the plate as much as I could, but would appreciate another set of eyes on what the plate could be. Mazda
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Ads for 2017-03-28 (1 / 2)

Subreddit Title Brand
videos That time ESPN aired a ROCK PAPER SCISSORS Tournament. And it was amazing. ESPN
mildlyinteresting I got my new Apple Watch band today... not sure I understand all the Product Features. Apple
news Man douses himself in gas, lights self on fire in Walmart parking lot Walmart
movies What is Sony thinking with making a "Spider-Man Universe" without Spider-Man? Did they literally learn nothing from their last "cinematic universe" attempt? Sony
todayilearned TIL Uber Drivers in San Diego make more money per hour than Paramedics Uber
AskReddit How do people outside the United States view our issues with healthcare? United
AskReddit How Did You Discover Reddit? Discover
funny A New York City Welcome From Google Maps. Google
personalfinance How I saved $900 today by calling Apple Support Apple
videos Find Youtube Channels Here!! Mid Mar 2017 - 8 Channels Feature Special!! Youtube
videos Find Youtube Channels Here!! Mid Mar 2017 - 8 Channels Feature Special!! Youtube
movies Original Ghost in the Shell Director Calls New Movie "Gorgeous" Shell
Music War - The Cisco Kid soul/ funk Cisco
Showerthoughts Google developed reCAPTCHA - screening out robots through image/text recognition. Google has also developed image-recognizing programs like "Quick, Draw!" So Google is sabotaging its own screening system. Google
Music Question What the heck is "Wheel in the Sky Journey's Greatest Hits Disintegrated into Unintelligible Chaos"? Sky
movies Cinema-Con Updates: Sony Presentation Sony
personalfinance No credit history and approved for Discover CC with a $1200 limit. Is this normal? Discover
Music Clam's Casino - I'm God Indie Here's a more gloomy version of the otherwise joyful mango bay Casino
personalfinance Just wanted to share a post I noticed on the Social Security Administration's Facebook page Facebook
AskReddit Non-Americans of Reddit, what are some revered or legendary figures from your history that we in the United States have probably never heard of? United
pics The Monorail at Walt Disney World's EPCoT. Nikon D3300, 50mm F1.8 Walt Disney
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What does Dell EMC do? Dell
funny Nice to know Google uses the most flattering photo of people in search results... Google
Music Frankie Vinci - You're Just What I've Been Looking For Electropop Rock Vinci
news Slashers’ Work Ruins Shoes Discarded at a Nike Store Nike
worldnews China Southern jumps after American Airlines shares deal American Airlines
AskReddit Couples who post how much they love their SO on their Facebook rather than sending a text, or saying it in person, why do you do it? Facebook
todayilearned TIL Paul Marcarelli former Verizon guy, now Sprint guy "attended his grandmother’s funeral. As her body was being lowered into the ground, he heard the hushed voice of a family friend: 'Can you hear me now?'" Verizon
todayilearned TIL Paul Marcarelli former Verizon guy, now Sprint guy "attended his grandmother’s funeral. As her body was being lowered into the ground, he heard the hushed voice of a family friend: 'Can you hear me now?'" Sprint
movies Groot and the Geico Gecko team up! Geico
mildlyinteresting OCTuk Chang! The Elephant Tower in Bangkok that looks like a Lego Elephant. Lego
pics Evening Sky in Tokyo 1545 x 1024 Sky
AskReddit seriousFormer Apple Fanboys; why did you change? Apple
worldnews David Beckham's Facebook Post 'Great 48 hours in China' Upsets Hong Kong Netizens Facebook
movies "Netflix, My Ass": Sony Film Boss Reveals Stunning 'Blade Runner 2049' Footage Sony
Music Gary Moore - The Sky is Crying Blues Rock Sky
movies Ghost in the Shell - Behind the Scenes 2017 Scarlett Johansson Shell
Showerthoughts We should start a petition to ask Harrison Ford to stop flying airplanes, at least until he's done with Star Wars and Indiana Jones Ford
Showerthoughts I've sung along to "Sitting on a Dock of the Bay" many more times that Otis Redding ever lived to sing it. Otis
Documentaries The Eva Cassidy Story 2001- on ABC Nightline 18:40 ABC
explainlikeimfive ELI5, Moore's law. Die size shrinking 50% every 2 years, coined by Intel Founder now is dead. If you knew every 2 years, silicon die size was shrinking 50%, why go through all the steps? Intel
nottheonion Nigerians boycott Coca-Cola drinks after court rules them 'poisonous' Coca-Cola
pics Moved into my new house and found this box with Pokémon cards in it that I guess were left behind. These are the holographic ones. Anyone know where I can find the value on some of these? I seen one was going for $8000 on eBay but I don't know the difference in them. eBay
Futurology Facebook hires Apple veteran to lead virtual reality hardware efforts at Oculus Apple
todayilearned TIL Leonardo Da Vinci sketched a design for an armor-clad robot. A robot was built based on the sketch and was found to be fully functional Vinci
mildlyinteresting This AT&T van had outlines of a Direct TV van in dust AT&T
todayilearned TIL for April Fools Day in 1998, Burger King took out a full-page ad in USA Today introducing a Whopper designed especially for lefties. The new burger would contain the same ingredients as the original, but rotated 180°. Thousands of customers swarmed BK restaurants requesting the "lefty" Whopper. Burger King
news Tesco fined £129m for overstating profits - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL That there is a United States Navy Marine Mammal Program, and the trained bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions to perform tasks such as ship and harbor protection, mine detection and clearance, and equipment recovery. United
videos First Time Editing Something for a Youtube Channel would love some feedback Youtube
worldnews World nuclear ban 'not realistic', says US ambassador to UN - BBC News BBC
worldnews Cyclone Debbie: 'Monster' storm batters Australia - BBC News BBC
worldnews Tesla Model 3 ramp up aims to crush BMW and Mercedes BMW
funny Even Google Assistant knows who he actually is.😂😂😂😂 Google
AskReddit Why does Google not have an up/downvoting or rating system which eliminate outdated, off topic, weak links with information about your question? Google
nottheonion Probe launched after 'human waste' found in Coca-Cola cans in Irish factory Coca-Cola
todayilearned TIL that BMW once paid to name a cold snap weather event after its Mini Cooper car as a promo stunt. The stunt went sour after the snap killed 112 people in Eastern Europe. BMW
worldnews Flipkart to acquire eBay India; raise up to $2bn funding eBay
AskReddit What are some great Youtube channels for learning? Youtube
movies Enzo Ferrari to be Played by Hugh Jackman in a New Biopic Ferrari
OldSchoolCool More details Fidel Castro viewing the Lincoln Memorial during his visit to the United States, 1959 United
worldnews China Southern Airlines said on Tuesday it will sell a small stake to American Airlines Group in a $200 million deal that will give the carriers better access to the world's two largest travel markets American Airlines
gaming Epic Sky Dive Fails! GTA Sky
Showerthoughts It'll be a worldwide hit if Samsung and Apple combine their technology..... "Sample"? Apple
news Probe launched after 'human waste' found in Coca-Cola cans in Irish factory Coca-Cola
videos Andy Milonakis argues with an ignorant Uber driver Uber
mildlyinteresting Normal Lego bricks and Lego Duplo can be combined Lego
nottheonion Senator Calls for Ethics Probe Into Steve Mnuchin's Lego Batman Comments Lego
worldnews Paris: Violent protests after French police kill Chinese man - BBC News BBC
worldnews Probe launched after 'human waste' found in Coca-Cola cans in Irish factory Coca-Cola
news 'Human waste' in cans forces shutdown at Coca-Cola plant in Northern Ireland Coca-Cola
Jokes What's Orange and Blue and can often be found on golf courses across America? Orange
worldnews 'Human waste' in cans forces shutdown at Coca-Cola plant in Northern Ireland Coca-Cola
explainlikeimfive ELI5: My doctor just told me that I shouldn't eat Subway because their food is highly processed, especially their bread. What does this mean? Subway
Music Frank Ocean - Chanel Neo-Soul Chanel
nottheonion Police investigating video by Halifax councillor yelling, 'Chinese fire drill' Halifax
Showerthoughts Suing Google for assisting criminals is like blaming water for their existence. Google
AskReddit Experiment: How much control can we exercise Goal: each comment receives exactly 40 likes no more, no less Total comments: must be multiple of 4,000 delete if you must Question: You have the attention of anyone in history to seriously consider your note. Who and what do you write? Total
gaming R18+ Wireless Xbox controller, found in Australia. Xbox
worldnews Chinese tech giant Tencent takes 5 percent stake in Tesla Tencent
AskReddit Library computer still has a Facebook account logged in. How do you proceed? Facebook
pics R18+ Wireless Xbox controller, found in Australia. Xbox
worldnews Nigerians boycott Coca-Cola drinks after court rules them 'poisonous' Coca-Cola
Futurology Mubadala, Dubai Future Foundation, GE Additive to build UAE's first 3D printing microfactories GE
AskReddit What would you choose if you can permanently place one image as the background on everyone's Google search ? Google
science Researchers Discover A Surprising New Role for Lungs: Making Blood Discover
food Traditional Apple Strudel Instructional Pics in Comments Homemade Apple
todayilearned TIL the United States, Burma and Liberia are the only countries in the world that are yet to adopt the metric system. United
todayilearned TIL A man tried to redeem a Harrier Jet with 15 Pepsi Points and $700,000 Pepsi
AskReddit If you could send one tweet from Donald Trumps Twitter what would it be? Twitter
Documentaries PBS American Experience Walt Disney 2015AMERICAN EXPERIENCE offers an unprecedented look at the life and legacy of one of America’s most enduring and influential storytellers in Walt Disney. Walt Disney
todayilearned TIL that Microsoft secure key for UEFI signing was found in 2016, allowing rootkits to circumvent the secure boot entirely. Microsoft
Showerthoughts Raindrops sound just like an Xbox controller's buttons being pressed Xbox
mildlyinteresting The coconut oil at Costco is solid at ground level and liquid 6 feet up. Costco
personalfinance Moving my emergency fund from HSBC to Ally; any suggestions or caveats on how to do this? HSBC
Showerthoughts If Walmart had paid parking people wouldn't take forever shopping Walmart
Documentaries Culloden 1964, BBC production, directed by Peter Watkins BBC
gaming Does anyone remember The Outfit? WW2 RTS/FPS hybrid for the Xbox 360 Xbox
videos SI kids reporter who stunned the sportswriting establishment by asking an legitimate question to South Carolina's head coach gets invited by CBS to join their NCAA tournament coverage CBS
AskReddit Reddit makes an announcement that in one week they will require either Facebook or iTunes login credentials to access the site...what will you do? Facebook
AskReddit Why doesn't Google make AlphaGo play against itself? What would happen if it did? Google
funny Apparently Red Bull wasn't enough. Red Bull
Showerthoughts They should have a realistic PSA about marijuana in which someone spends way too much time and money in Walmart buying snacks and stupid shit, then can't remember where they parked their car upon leaving. Walmart
listentothis Unge Ferrari - AshantiHipHop2017 Ferrari
videos Taco Bell Secret Menu Hacks Bell
Futurology Why Google and Facebook can't just make Fake News disappear. For even them it's a too big problem, because of us! Google
Futurology Why Google and Facebook can't just make Fake News disappear. For even them it's a too big problem, because of us! Facebook
worldnews US rapper Wiz Khalifa in Colombia drug lord row - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Why is food like Taco Bell so prone to make you poop a lot the next day? Bell
listentothis Happy Apple -- Calgon For Hetfield jazz 2007 Apple
worldnews Three teenage burglars shot dead in US - BBC News BBC
worldnews Cyclone Debbie: Deadly storm batters Australia - BBC News BBC
worldnews Nigerians boycott Coca-Cola drinks after court rules them 'poisonous' Coca-Cola
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What's the deal with stevia baised sodas like Pepsi Next and Coca-Cola Life? Coca-Cola
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What's the deal with stevia baised sodas like Pepsi Next and Coca-Cola Life? Pepsi
videos REAL WORLD comparison of Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay Apple
worldnews Scottish Parliament backs referendum call - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Why is lobbying legal In the United States? United
GetMotivated [Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.” How to know who to trust and who you should remove from your life without remorse on your self-improvement journey video](https://www.reddit.com/GetMotivated/comments/620d68/ralph_waldo_emerson_said_your_actions_speak_so/)
worldnews Scottish Parliament backs referendum call - BBC News BBC
listentothis Akeboshi - Sky in the Pond Folk 2007 Sky
dataisbeautiful OC Youtube views gap between top #2 "see you again" - Wiz Khalifa - and top #3 " Sorry" - Justin Bieber - Youtube
pics Chicken feet at a Walmart in West Virginia Walmart
funny Dinosaur has fun with a Google chatbot Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do Apple AppStore keywords work? It seems totally random.... Apple
videos Traveling To Walt Disney World March 2017! Walt Disney
funny Somebody asked a very interesting question about the Xbox one elite controller on amazon Xbox
television Stephen Colbert Hangs On To Total Viewer Lead With “Illusion” Episodes Total
mildlyinteresting New Fanta has the new logo on packaging but old logo on the cap Fanta
todayilearned TIL In present-day Russian Federation and its predecessor the Soviet Union USSR there are periodic mass media stories that Alaska was not sold to the United States in the 1867 Alaska Purchase, but only leased for 99 years = to 1966, or 150 years = to 2017—and will be returned to Russia United
worldnews President Trump took to Twitter Monday night to call the Russia scandal surrounding his administration a "hoax" and go after Democrats and Republicans alike Twitter
AskReddit serious Atheists who married into very religious family, how has pooping in the United States changed since 9/11? United
AskReddit What's the weirdest thing you've found on Google Maps map view or street view? Google
todayilearned TIL that there are still a few McDonald's that serve pizza McDonald's
AskReddit What was the worst april fool's joke that Google pulled off? Google
todayilearned TIL technically "Big Ben" refers to the Great Bell inside the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster. The tower itself is called the Elizabeth Tower, formerly just the Clock Tower. Bell
pics In the United States, this is what $14,714.49 of medication looks like. United
todayilearned TIL Volvo released the first car with 3 point seatbelts, the Amazon, and gave the seatbelt design away for free to save lives. Volvo
funny Who better to hold up your graphics card than Lego Steve Jobs? Lego
gaming Saw this at my local Walmart and almost bought a copy Walmart
aww Reddit meet Otis a 12 year old cat Otis
Showerthoughts Apple.com will never be at least in my lifetime run by a very successful Apple merchant. Apple
AskReddit When do you guys remember the Pizza Hut lunchtime buffet launch in the UK? Pizza Hut
personalfinance Is not being able to assign a beneficiary normal for an investment account, Capital One Investing? Capital One
personalfinance Currently have a Capital One QuicksilverOne card and want to know how to upgrade to the Quicksilver card after a couple months to a year of on-time payments? Capital One
videos Here's the 3rd part of my Lego The Hobbit Let's Play. I hope everyone who watches enjoys and will stick around for more! Lego
personalfinance I know that every time your credit score is ran, points are deducted. my Bank of America app has an option to check my FICO score at anytime, would this affect it as well? Bank of America
Showerthoughts All porn sites should start with "Zxz" or something, so that your parents can't accidentally stumble upon it when they Google search something. Google
mildlyinteresting Other than "Xbox," the first console Xbox One's predictive text displays is the Wii Xbox
Jokes The lesbians next door bought me a Rolex for my birthday Rolex
Showerthoughts After looking at Earth view on Google maps, I was surprised at how many cars have sunroofs in my town Google
philosophy 10 "Spiritual" Things People Do That Are Total Bullshit Total
television Hot corner shop action - Fleabag: Episode 2 - BBC Three BBC
history Were there any state-led campaigns against a specific illness or disease in the Soviet Union like the one launched against cancer in the United States 1960s? United
Showerthoughts When utilizing Google Maps, I LOVE the sound of that sweet, guiding voice. But when I can physically see my destination, I want nothing more than to hear her final breathes as she chokes on her own saliva. Google
Art "From the United States With Love, Donald" digital, 8x8 United
worldnews Fillon's wife Penelope under formal investigation - BBC News BBC
videos Mike Tyson had a collab with a Vinestar.... Anwar Jibawar Tyson
pics Now where did UPS put that package? UPS
television Travel show Departures - all 3 seasons to appear on Netflix on April 1st, per their Facebook page Facebook
funny Thuglife Google earth Google
worldnews Article 50: May signs letter that will trigger Brexit - BBC News BBC
WritingPrompts WP Google was invented in the early 1900's. How does it function? Google
news Kentucky fans take to referee's Facebook page to air grievances about loss to UNC Facebook
Showerthoughts Is Allstate really Allstate if it isn't available in all states? Allstate
pics The 45th President of the United States on his way to all United
television One of the best 30 minutes of television you'll see all year is back on the BBC Iplayer for another 29 days. Inside No. 9 - The 12 Days Of Christine. BBC
funny Dressing Up for an Apple Event Today Apple
pics The top 2 news stories right now on BBC show a striking resemblance of composition and tragedy. It's a sad time. BBC
todayilearned TIL that when a dignitary complained to President Theodore Roosevelt about Alice Roosevelt his daughter smoking on top of the White House, Roosevelt replied, "I can be President of the United States, or I can control Alice. I cannot possibly do both." United
worldnews 'Human waste’ found in Coca-Cola cans at company plant sparks police probe Coca-Cola
dataisbeautiful Visualization of Twitter Followers with original research - check what Percentile you are in OC Twitter
AskReddit What's a great Google images search term that can brighten up your dull day? Google
todayilearned TIL that the second-largest copper repoussé statue in the United States, after the Statue of Liberty, is the Portlandia sculpture. It's relatively low profile results from sculptor Raymond Kaskey's close guarding of his intellectual property. United
movies Ghost in the Shell review Shell
pics My McDonald's line circled the building ! McDonald's
movies What is the Ghost in the Shell live action adaptation based on? Shell
news Mosul battle: US 'may be responsible' for civilian deaths - BBC News BBC
AskReddit How have fast food establishments such as McDonald's and KFC succeeded in China in the last 30 years? McDonald's
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Subreddit Title Brand
videos Fake Book Covers on Subway Ad revenue goes to Planned Parenthood and ACLU Subway
gaming Assetto Corsa World Record Porsche GT3 RS Nordschleife Porsche
AskReddit What do you think the underlying lesson of Lego Batman will be? Lego
news The mind-blowing AI announcement from Google that you probably missed. Google
listentothis Making Movies -- Chase Your Tail Latin Rock 2014 Chase
science Africa 'witnessing birth of a new ocean' - BBC News BBC
news Google says phone makers can't ruin Nougat's notifications if they want to get Google services. Google
pics Steve Bell on Donald Trump and the Russia dossier for The Guardian Bell
todayilearned TIL Andrew Jackson once pardoned George Wilson who was convicted of robbing the United States mails. Wilson then declined the pardon. United
videos Infinite Looping Siri, Alexa, and Google Home Google
Music Ceez - Rico Suave Prod. Mega Beats Listen on Youtube & SoundCloud Youtube
nottheonion Judges Reject Orange County's Claim That Social Workers Didn't Know Lying In Court Was Wrong Orange
tifu TIFU by getting distracted by a pretty lady in the Walmart parking lot. Walmart
gaming Hitman Elusive Target Shenanigans with House Yorgrim Target
worldnews Six Volkswagen executives charged with fraud over emissions cheating - VW ordered by US government to pay $4.3bn penalty - former staff accused of running near decade-long conspiracy Volkswagen
funny This Gillette add makes it look like the dad is making out with the baby Gillette
news Forced to watch child porn for their job, Microsoft employees developed PTSD, they say Microsoft
worldnews A Syrian refugee in Germany - famous for a selfie he took with Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015 - is taking Facebook to court. His motive is to stop the circulation of fake news posts showing his face. Facebook
news Taco Bell Unveils New Fried Chicken Creation Starting January 26th Bell
food Homemade Apple Dutch Baby Apple
pics Amy Adams getting her star today in front of the Starbucks that I manage. Just another day in Hollywood. Starbucks
funny Sweet grandma posted this in my Facebook knitting group Facebook
funny Taco Bell is getting hot with their sauce packets. Bell
todayilearned TIL that Coca-Cola is sold officially in every country in the world except Cuba and North Korea. Coca-Cola
movies Mike Tyson Biopic Still A Go; Martin Scorsese Attached Tyson
Showerthoughts Paul, who was initially the "Can you hear me now" guy from Verizon who is now doing commercials for Sprint should go back to doing Verizon commercials just to be the ultimate troll. Verizon
Showerthoughts Paul, who was initially the "Can you hear me now" guy from Verizon who is now doing commercials for Sprint should go back to doing Verizon commercials just to be the ultimate troll. Sprint
Showerthoughts The Lego videogames can look like real stop motion, like the movie, if they just lower their frame-rate significantly. Lego
Showerthoughts Trendy Millenials hate Walmart buy are die-hard Amazon customers even though they are exactly the same. Walmart
videos Guy found CRASHED Porsche Carrera GT! but lost footage.. Porsche
videos They have saunas at Burger King in Helsinki Burger King
AskReddit If Walmart was a person, what personality would it have and what appearance would it have? Walmart
nottheonion Taco Bell is going national with fried chicken taco shell Bell
tifu TIFU by not deleting my Google search history Google
Art Beautiful custom artwork on my Xbox One S done by an artist friend. Xbox
videos The Story of the Apple iBook - Abandoned History Ep. 12 With The 8-Bit Guy Apple
Music Fiona Apple - Limp Jazz? Apple
AskReddit How could the legalisation of cannabis in the United Kingdom help save the sterling? United
news Boeing Jumbo-Jet Era Ending in U.S. as United Retires 747 Fleet United
Showerthoughts The low-emissions UPS truck makes a space-aged noise climbing the hill into my neighborhood. With the wife's and my borderline addiction to Prime, it's become our version of the ice cream truck. UPS
todayilearned TIL That it would take 1,084 years flying on a Boeing 747 to circumnavigate the largest known star. Boeing
todayilearned TIL that numerous companies such as IBM, Volkswagen, Siemens, Hugo Boss, and BMW benefited from and contributed to the holocaust, many going un punished after the war. BMW
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Man holding CVS Bag and Paper towels during riot CVS
AskReddit What area of the United States has the best weather? United
videos Probably a good reason to never bring your Lambo or Ferrari to get cheap tint. Ferrari
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do large, established companies like Coca-Cola outsource their branding to boutique firms? Coca-Cola
Showerthoughts If ever Costco sold weed in bulk. Costco
personalfinance Using the TSP as a Target Date Fund? What to do with 16k sitting in savings? Target
videos James May The Reassembler S02E03 Minibike - James May, slowly puts together a Honda Z50 mini trail "monkey bike" Honda
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does McDonald's have such slow service? McDonald's
worldnews Volkswagen AG Agrees to Plead Guilty and Pay $4.3 Billion in Criminal and Civil Penalties and Six Volkswagen Executives and Employees Are Indicted in Connection with Conspiracy to Cheat U.S. Emissions Tests Volkswagen
mildlyinteresting Two hearts - Artist: Honda Civic ♥️♥️🚙 Honda
funny Taco Bell is getting too real Bell
news White Center woman charged with hate-crime after ‘Spanish privilege' rant on Facebook Live Facebook
DIY I built a Nissan GTR logo out of nails, string, and wood. Nissan
gaming Official Scuf PS4 Dualshock 4 MTV Limited Edition Controller 1 out 100 In World MTV
Jokes How's Bud Light like having sex in a canoe? Bud Light
Showerthoughts I sometimes search Google.com while using Google Chrome Google
AskReddit How do you feel endorsing your connection for Microsoft Office on LinkedIn? Microsoft
Music The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky Progressive Rock Sky
AskReddit How do you judge someone's intelligence by their Facebook activity? Facebook
mildlyinteresting My bill at Costco was exactly $100 Costco
Futurology [300 million smartphones will have machine learning ability, says Deloitte ZDNet](https://www.reddit.com/Futurology/comments/5nhu2i/300_million_smartphones_will_have_machine/)
science [300 million smartphones will have machine learning ability, says Deloitte ZDNet](https://www.reddit.com/science/comments/5nhvo2/300_million_smartphones_will_have_machine/)
nottheonion Forced to watch child porn for their job, Microsoft employees developed PTSD, they say Microsoft
AskReddit Serious Redditors who on Facebook have "it's complicated" as relationship status for a real reason, why is it? Facebook
AskReddit Non Americans of Reddit what state do you think of when The United States of America is brought up? Why? United
TwoXChromosomes Channing Tatum shares nude photo of wife napping, sets Twitter ablaze Twitter
mildlyinteresting This Burger King might charge you $3 Burger King
gaming To an Xbox avocate, a PlayStation is like... Xbox
Jokes To an Xbox avocate, a PlayStation is like... Xbox
AskReddit Reddit, where do you think the United States is headed as they draw nearer to the inauguration of President-Elect Trump? United
worldnews Trump 'compromising' claims: How and why did we get here? - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting This Walmart has crystal Pepsi Walmart
aww I made Winston a hat. I think he likes it. Winston
pics This Walmart has crystal Pepsi Walmart
Showerthoughts Having Amazon Echo order you Google Home would be like making it dig its own grave Google
AskReddit If you could remaster any Playstation game, with today's graphics, what would it be? Playstation
funny England reacts to the BBC selling the rights to the Great British Bake Off BBC
news Boeing Jumbo-Jet Era Ending in U.S. as United Retires 747 Fleet United
science Brain activity 'key in stress link to heart disease' - BBC News BBC
worldnews Man kills five in central Iran shooting rampage - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What are the saddest Google searches you can think of? Google
Showerthoughts The value of my house has gone up an extra 15% in the last 10 years sheerly because of the locations of Starbucks around me. Starbucks
gaming Does No Man's Sky feature Space battles, individual space ships or planets with different ecosystems and was the game advertised to have an ending? Sky
listentothis 360 -- Mr. Blue Sky Rap 2011 Sky
Showerthoughts I've never seen a female UPS driver. UPS
WritingPrompts WP Half the people who participated in Hands Across America were actually time travellers from the year 2157. The United States in 1986 is a popular tourist destination and Hands Across America is considered one of the main attractions. United
AskReddit Which Youtube channel or creator would you block from posting videos and why? Youtube
AskReddit Every country in the world is in a Casino gambling by playing a card-game, what does your country do? Casino
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What's the difference between an Uber and an unlicensed taxi? Uber
AskReddit What are things that the United States has fallen behind the rest of the world in and are there any solutions to fix such issues? United
worldnews Microsoft staff 'suffering from PTSD' - BBC News BBC
sports Carl Lewis: The Master Finisher - Faster, Higher, Stronger - BBC Two BBC
Showerthoughts Hotel concierge service is basically "let me Google that for you" personified Google
AskReddit People who have Facebook and Twitter, which one would you be willing to give up and why? Facebook
videos Actual cost of McDonald's items leaked McDonald's
worldnews Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele in hiding after Trump memo - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What should be the new national anthem of the United States of America? United
AskReddit Why is "liking" your own post so looked down upon on places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. but it's automatically done on Reddit? Twitter
Jokes I got a Rolex from my lesbian neighbours for Christmas. Rolex
AskReddit Redditor's who have lived in multiple states of the United States, where has been the best place you have called home and why? United
funny Bone Apple Feet 😂 Apple
gaming Here thinking why Microsoft canceled the game Microsoft
Showerthoughts Dr Pepper is to Coca-Cola what barbecue sauce is to ketchup. Coca-Cola
aww There is only one of these in the United States. United
news Massachusetts judge requires Exxon to hand over climate documents Exxon
videos 'Spy Monkey' Mistaken For Dead Baby And Mourned By Troop - BBC Earth BBC
funny People on Facebook don't realize they are praying to St. Michael, Commander of the First Order. Facebook
pics Today my aunt received a unique package. The eBay seller paid the entire $11 postage in old stamps valued 4¢ to 32¢. eBay
Documentaries Dippy the Diplodocus 2017 "Mark Coles profiles Dippy the Diplodocus. It's become the country's most recognisable museum exhibit - seen by an estimated 90 million people. Now it's setting off on a nationwide tour" Coles
news Microsoft staff 'suffering from PTSD' - BBC News BBC
worldnews New King of Rwanda former Pepsi salesman who lives in Manchester council house Pepsi
videos David Bowie Correctly Predicted Future In A BBC Interview BBC
mildlyinteresting These Pizza Hut grated cheese packets Pizza Hut
nottheonion Rwanda's new king is former Pepsi salesman residing in Cheshire. Pepsi
Jokes I saw a dead guy in Walmart the other day Walmart
videos Awesome Dance by FKA twigs x Nike Commercial Nike
funny Taco Bell vs the boy Bell
Jokes How do you fit an elephant in a Safeway bag? Safeway
Music Beautiful Science - Chemistry rock 2016 In October, I got married and wanted to give my wife something no one else could ever give her. So I wrote and recorded her an album of original songs in our kitchen when she would leave the house, over the past year or so. Total Surprise. Total
videos "Spy Monkey" Mistaken For Dead Baby And Mourned By Troop - BBC Earth BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5:What is the difference between Google Deepmind and the normal Computer opponents? Google
gaming Your Xbox live stats for 2016. Xbox
Music THE MIGHTY N - The Shell alternative rock 2016 Shell
videos 'You Can’t Fight Fire with Fire' - Unimpossible Missions - GE 360 GE
gaming Is Microsoft forcing Rare to make bad games or did developers leave? Microsoft
AskReddit If you could have anyone as the president of the United States, who would you pick? Why? United
news EPA to accuse Fiat Chrysler of using software that allowed excess diesel emissions in about 100K vehicles Fiat
movies I think these Lego movies are getting out of hand... Lego
worldnews Canada last in foreign aid, defence spending, report says - BBC News BBC
news EU says U.S. explanation of Yahoo email scanning not enough Yahoo
worldnews AP Sources: US to allege Fiat Chrysler cheated on emissions Fiat
AskReddit Who is the Bob Ross/Mr Rogers of today? Rogers
worldnews Massachusetts court rules that Exxon must turn over decades of climate change research. Exxon
mildlyinteresting There's a Chase Room in the Miami International Airport Chase
worldnews The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the rise of populist leaders in Europe poses a "profound threat" to human rights, U.S.-based Human Rights Watch warned on Thursday in its annual global report United
food Taco Bell to serve chalupas in a goddamn fried chicken shell MISC Bell
funny The carrots in this pack of fruit snacks form ALDI are actually repurposed oranges. ALDI
worldnews The United States has not satisfied the European Union's concerns about Yahoo's scanning of all customers' incoming emails for U.S. intelligence purposes, the bloc's justice chief told Reuters in an interview United
Art Jazz: A different View, SAP 6.0, Digital, 2017 SAP
AskReddit If you could write one tweet on Donald Trump's Twitter account, in his voice, what would it be? Twitter
aww Cutest pup ever! Otis 🐶 Otis
worldnews US intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administration - Israeli intelligence officials fear that top-secret information that has been exposed to the United States will be leaked to Russia—and from Russia to its close ally, Iran United
worldnews EPA: Fiat Chrysler used software to cheat on emissions tests Fiat
todayilearned TIL Russia and China each only have 1 aircraft carrier, while the United States has 10 United
worldnews ExxonMobil has lost a key battle in an investigation into whether the oil giant misled the public about the dangers of climate change. A Massachusetts judge ordered Exxon on Wednesday to hand over more than four decades of the company's climate change research. Exxon
AskReddit How do you measure conversions in Google Analytics for large ecommerce sites with multiple products? Google
news ExxonMobil has lost a key battle in an investigation into whether the oil giant misled the public about the dangers of climate change. A Massachusetts judge ordered Exxon on Wednesday to hand over more than four decades of the company's climate change research. Exxon
personalfinance Toyota Lexus Financial Lexus
nosleep Untold Stories of the United States Park Service: The Lost and the Found United
personalfinance I left Apple almost two years ago, what do I do with the stock I accrued? Apple
worldnews First new Airbus in decades arrives in Iran -- The A321 jet, purchased after the nuclear deal with world powers, will mainly be used for domestic flights within Iran Airbus
AskReddit Serious Excluding anyone who has previously run, who would actually be a good fit for President of the United States? United
worldnews Reuters: EPA to accuse Fiat Chrysler of excess diesel emissions Fiat
AskReddit Whether positive or negative, what's your most memorable experience involving Uber or Lyft? Uber
AskReddit Stripclubs in Halifax? how come there aren't any strip clubs in the Halifax city center. Is there some sort of ban on them? Halifax
news EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of excess diesel emissions Fiat
philosophy [The rise and fall and rise of logic – Catarina Dutilh Novaes Aeon Essays](https://www.reddit.com/philosophy/comments/5nkbvm/the_rise_and_fall_and_rise_of_logic_catarina/)
worldnews Trump press event a theatre of the absurd - BBC News BBC
news Amazon removes Indian flag doormats after Twitter shaming Twitter
worldnews The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency E.P.A. Notifies Fiat Chrysler of Clean Air Act Violations . FCA allegedly installed and failed to disclose software that increases air pollution from vehicles Fiat
Art Only The Sky Remains Untouched, Claire Felicie, Photography, 2017 Sky
AskReddit Attn: Allstate Roadside Assistance providers APP. How much are we supposed to be making? Allstate
todayilearned TIL that the Twitter home button is a bird house Twitter
worldnews E.P.A. Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Secretly Exceeding Emissions Standards Fiat
news E.P.A. Accuses Fiat Chrysler of Secretly Exceeding Emissions Standards Fiat
worldnews EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of cheating diesel emissions testing Fiat
Showerthoughts I would love to see Lego versions of dramatics movies like Manchester By The Sea or Lala Land Lego
funny Someone altered this baby changing station at a Chevron restroom Chevron
gaming More Game Developers Are Interested in Virtual Reality Than Xbox One Xbox
nottheonion Some Peso Traders Want Mexico to Buy Twitter and Shut It Down Twitter
worldnews Tidal lagoon: £1.3bn Swansea Bay project backed by review - BBC News BBC
news Exxon Mobil must hand over climate change documents, judge rules Mobil
videos 'Kiss a ginger' remark by Chris Bryant baffles Speaker - BBC News BBC
gifs When the FedEx driver is secretly a stunt driver FedEx
news Massachusetts judge requires Exxon to hand over climate documents Exxon
videos National geographic T Rex of the Deep Mosasaur BBC wildlife animal BBC
mildlyinteresting The wallpaper in the bathroom at Google Fiber is little google fiber bunnies Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5: The math in this article about Microsoft buying Minecraft. Spending 2.5 billion and breaking even on 25 million in interest or whatever makes no sense to me. Microsoft
listentothis Days N' Daze -- DBS out H-town thrash grass 200130 DBS
television Apple has come around to the idea of buying scripted TV series, and TV series would reportedly be bundled with Apple Music, Apple’s $9.99 per month subscription service Apple
news EPA Says Fiat Cheated on Diesel Emissions Testing Fiat
worldnews Flights cancelled ahead of snowy conditions - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What is best? Youtube or Viemo? Youtube
news EPA: Fiat Chrysler diesels have illegal software to thwart emissions controls Fiat
Futurology Massachusetts judge requires Exxon to hand over climate documents Exxon
worldnews The Facebook Audience Network Now Serves Ads to 1 Billion People Each Month Facebook
gaming Just seen this amazing Forza 3 game but it's only on Xbox anybody know of anything comparable on the ps4? Xbox
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Ads for 2017-02-19 (1 / 2)

Subreddit Title Brand
AskReddit What's something that seems normal in the United States, but weird in other countries? United
DIY I made a video on how to disassemble an Xbox One controller faceplate and paint it. I hope this helps others. Enjoy! Xbox
AskReddit What was your weirdest Uber ride? Uber
philosophy The Caterpillar on the Sunflower Caterpillar
gaming H1z1 Rust Xbox one Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do commonwealth nations refer to the alchemical solution for eternal life as the "Philosopher's Stone" while the United States refers to it as the "Sorceror's Stone"? United
Showerthoughts Mostly every road in the entire United Sates is connected. United
AskReddit Millennials of the United States, why are so many of you prudish when it comes to public nudity, i.e changing in a public locker room? United
worldnews Colombia's Farc rebels complete move to demobilisation zones - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do the door alarms at places like Walmart know which items were purchased and which were not? Walmart
food I ate 19 course dinner at Aska, two star Michelin restaurant in Brooklyn Michelin
Showerthoughts Why do spirits start their contacts with mediums like Lassie asking for help for little Timmy and later end up as eloquent as Winston Churchill? Winston
AskReddit What is the best SUV to buy: Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA or other please tell us the name? BMW
AskReddit What is the best SUV to buy: Audi Q3, BMW X1, Mercedes GLA or other please tell us the name? Audi
AskReddit What should you ALWAYS do in the United States? United
funny My 5 year old learned how to use Google assistant Google
funny When your CV is shit but your Facebook has you covered. Facebook
Music Jesca Hoop - The Lost Sky Singer-Songwriter Sky
pics This just showed up on my Facebook feed. Facebook
worldnews A United States aircraft carrier strike group has begun patrols in the South China Sea, the U.S. navy said on Saturday, amid renewed tension over the disputed waterway. China's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday warned Washington against challenging its sovereignty, United
nottheonion Workmen's cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star Michelin
pics Fire on the horizon - Orange County, California Orange
videos Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News - Newswipe - BBC Four BBC
news Florida man arrested in plot to get rich by bombing Target stores Target
WritingPrompts WP Decades from now, IBM debuts the ultimate supercomputer, Watson V, by setting it the task of solving the world's problems. At its internationally streamed public unveiling, Watson V reveals its solution: Destroy humanity. IBM
pics Hoag Hospital Newport Beach view 👌 Newport
worldnews South China Sea: US carrier group begins 'routine' patrols - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Reddit, what mundane Google search had the most unexpected results for you? Google
AskReddit How many shopping carts could you steal from Walmart before they noticed? Walmart
videos Watch this Mister Rogers clip if you have the time to spare Rogers
AskReddit If Google is so powerful, why did Google + fail? Why is Facebook still a thing if google is so much better than them? Google
AskReddit If Google is so powerful, why did Google + fail? Why is Facebook still a thing if google is so much better than them? Facebook
Showerthoughts The ABC song is the same tune as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star ABC
WritingPrompts PI After successfully destroying the British Wizarding community, Lord Voldemort turns his sights to the United States. He is shocked and unprepared when discovering that American wizards have combined magic with the 2nd Amendment. United
funny I've made a pretty good impression on the Tim Hortons I frequent. Tim Hortons
worldnews France warns the United States against the weakening of Europe United
AskReddit Why doesn't the United States have a Five Star General, and will we ever see another? United
AskReddit Serious Trump supporters of reddit: You and I are Americans. We are countrymen who want nothing but the best for the United States. Lets discuss the issues that bother you as an individual. I want to listen. United
nottheonion Taco Bell to offer wedding packages, marry customers at Las Vegas location Bell
gaming For Those Who Missed it so far: Total War: Warhammer is $12 along with several other games on Humble Bundle Monthly. Total
videos Why is this music video by an unknown Canadian DJ the #1 trending thing on Youtube worldwide? Youtube
worldnews Iraq announces west Mosul offensive - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Are Spiral LED bulbs fluorescent bulbs? Google ain't helping. My plant light that i buy at Walmart sucks, I read fluorescent bulbs work better for plants. Google
AskReddit Are Spiral LED bulbs fluorescent bulbs? Google ain't helping. My plant light that i buy at Walmart sucks, I read fluorescent bulbs work better for plants. Walmart
AskReddit If Facebook suddenly made everyone's search history public tomorrow, how would the world change? Facebook
television Apparently Planet Earth II is having its American premiere in ten minutes on BBC America? BBC
videos Trash Dove MEME REVIEW Dove
AskReddit If you had to pick one non-American from outside of North America sorry Justin Trudeau to be the next president of the United States, who would it be and why? United
pics Ottoman map of the United States 1803 United
gaming Free Xbox One controller charging cables! Xbox
AskReddit Fellow citizens of the United States, is it possible for us to make a concerted effort to reference our great nation as The U.S. Or U.S.A. vs just America? United
Showerthoughts I've seen my father cry only twice in my lifetime; my grandfather once. Now being a father myself I cry at Subaru commercials. Subaru
gaming PlayStation Community v Xbox community Xbox
AskReddit How cringeworthy is the concept of a Facebook Manifesto? Facebook
pics The President and First Lady of the United States before a rally in Florida United
mildlyinteresting Taco Bell Diablo Sauce Packet With No Text Bell
listentothis Paolo Nutini -- Iron Sky soul-rock 2014 Sky
nottheonion Shoplifters set small fire in Walmart as a diversion: Police Walmart
worldnews EU citizens 'denied residency documents' - BBC News BBC
tifu TIFU by telling an old acquaintance that I wanted him via Facebook messenger and now my boyfriend has broken up with me. A moment of weakness has turned into a lifetime of regret. Facebook
todayilearned TIL there are no Michelin star restaurants in Australia Michelin
Documentaries Hunter S. Thompson Omnibus 1978 - BBC program Omnibus features Nigel Finch's 50-minute 1978 documentary of Hunter S. Thompson and Ralph Steadman BBC
WritingPrompts WP A 5-year-old you is trying to make Lego spaceships and houses only to get frustrated when everything turns out to be a perfect scale replica of Auschwitz. Lego
UpliftingNews Workers cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star Michelin
todayilearned TIL Britney Spears' disastrous 2007 MTV VMA performance of "Gimme More" caused the song to rocket to worldwide success instead. MTV
space Gravity probe exceeds performance goals - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts I still have no idea what BASF makes or does. BASF
movies "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is a plural usage of 'Jedi' as indicated by the Spanish Star Wars Twitter account. Twitter
funny New Ferrari Known as the SUPERFAST, this is what happens when you translate Italian into English. It sounds something 12 y/o would name a car. Ferrari
videos Understanding Nuclear Power Plants: Total Station Blackout Total
science An Artificial Intelligence AI program developed by Google has demonstrated human-like aggression during simulations. Google
videos Unsub Glitch and New Youtube Mascot! Youtube
OldSchoolCool 1968 Jim Morrison & Harrison Ford backstage at the Bakersfield Civic Center, when Harrison Ford worked as a cameraman grip for The Doors Ford
funny Women Shopping-Women With Heart Shaped Butt in United State Shopping Mall United
Showerthoughts When Google doesn't show suggestions for your question you know the question must be really fucking stupid Google
AskReddit If we had Twitter throughout our history what would be some of the most interesting tweets? Twitter
worldnews Swedes Are Bashing Trump on Twitter For Refering to Non-Existent Refugee 'Incident' in Sweden Twitter
todayilearned TIL the coins of the United Kingdom can be arranged to create the Royal coat of arms. United
dataisbeautiful The dead population vs the alive population- BBC News BBC
gaming Compass_CS and False Youtube Copyright Claims: Legend of Zelda Youtube
worldnews Download Youtube Videos Easily In Tamil Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are video game teams are now Blue vs Orange instead of red ? Orange
funny I wish I could be as dedicated to anything as my friend is to this yearly conversation with his friend on an old Facebook Profile Pic Facebook
mildlyinteresting This IKEA store has a parking spot for shopping carts IKEA
worldnews Workmen's cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star Michelin
worldnews The United Arab Emirates UAE awarded 4.5 billion dirhams $1.2 billion in military procurement deals on Sunday, part of a total of 20 billion dirhams worth of purchases it expects to make at an arms fair United
Showerthoughts Liking someone's photo on Facebook is the equivalent of poking someone and then walking away Facebook
gaming My Xbox 360 Elite really living up to it's name. 10 years old and still running like a champ. Xbox
worldnews Thousands vie for Naked Man title in Japan - BBC News BBC
EarthPorn Stunning Stars Over The Grand Teton National Park Night Sky by Serge Skiba OC 1024 x 768 Sky
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Google and other ranking systems for local businesses Google
Jokes What is written on the inside of an Intel processor? Intel
Music Fenne Lily - "Bud" ignore the shit Burberry marketing Acoustic - YouTube https://t.co/aamgz5RmxE Burberry
movies All the Deep Cut Easter Eggs in 'The Lego Batman Movie' Lego
AskReddit What are your Uber horror stories? Uber
todayilearned TIL the mobile game "Send Me to Heaven" involves throwing your phone as high in the air as you can. the creator said he made it with the hope of destroying as many iPhones as possible, but Apple banned it from the App Store. Apple
AskReddit Bagpackers of Reddit, What are some of the best destinations you've visited? Biggest obstacle faced there? Craziest things to do? Total trip cost? Total
todayilearned TIL when Seal Team Six was founded, there were only two other Seal teams. Richard Marcinko purportedly named the unit SEAL Team Six in order to confuse other nations, specifically the Soviet Union, into believing that the United States had at least three other SEAL teams that they were unaware of. United
television Doctor Who: Goodbye Twelve - BBC One TV Trailer BBC
worldnews Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt took to Twitter early Sunday to mock President Donald Trump after Trump used a terror attack in Sweden that never happened: ‘What has he been smoking?’ Twitter
funny So apparently Lego heads are the same size as .45 ACP Lego
AskReddit Mount Rushmore depicts 4 presidents of the United States of America because of their importance. What kind of memorial would Donald Trump deserve? United
worldnews Somalia Mogadishu car bomb: At least 16 people killed - BBC News BBC
worldnews What happened last night, Swedes ask Trump - BBC News BBC
videos Taking Youtube back to memory lane and KSI from 13k to 16million Youtube
worldnews Dozens of asylum seekers, baby, cross into Manitoba Sunday - The refugee claimants fleeing the United States are the latest to cross into Canada United
DIY Install and Unboxing a Ford Performance by Borla Sport Exhaust for my 2016 Mustang GT. This thing screams! Ford
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What caused unemployment to rise in the United States from 2000 to 2003? United
science Gecko eludes foes with tearaway skin - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts Taco Bell is the real In-N-Out Bell
AskReddit What can be accomplished by mocking and harassing the President of United States? United
aww My Orange Baby Orange
mildlyinteresting Struck by blue screen on death. Nike regent street. Nike
Documentaries The Strange Case of Yukio Mishima 1985 - BBC - Mishima was considered a complex literary genius since the age of 24, whose life turned and ended with him turning to Right Wing politics, committing ritual suicide after attempting to over through the Japanese Government. BBC
todayilearned TIL Michael Jackson purchased the publishing rights to The Beatles song catalogue for $47.5 million, against the advice of his counsel. 30 years later it was resold to Sony for $750 million, nearly a 1500% increase in value. Sony
Jokes Is Google a boy or girl? Google
todayilearned TIL Burger King gives out gold cards to celebrities, giving them a limitless supply of food at Burger King Burger King
AskReddit Should Twitter revoke Trumps account? Why or why not? Twitter
TwoXChromosomes I'm a Uber driver and picked up the biggest douchebag last night, and he proceeds to tell me all about how he basically terrorize this poor girl. Uber
mildlyinteresting Both sauces came from the same Burger King but they are two different sizes Burger King
OldSchoolCool A group of high school drivers' education students practice their skills in model cars inside the classroom, part of the Aetna Drivotrainer system, 1950s. Aetna
videos Online Casino Caught Cheating Casino
gaming Just finished my first Xbox skin Xbox
OldSchoolCool My late grandpa getting an autograph with Mohammed Ali at the BBC studio in 1977. Champ. BBC
food I ate KFC Georgia Gold tenders KFC
food i ate Boule nacree aux fruits exotiques emulsion neigeuse au Passoa au
AskReddit Serious Why are certain religions being promoted as progressive in the United States, while in countries dominated by that religion there is extreme prejudice against the LGBQT community? United
AskReddit Other than Facebook, Youtube and Reddit, what are some websites you frequently visit? Youtube
personalfinance Collections letter from Verizon Wireless, no account and nothing on Credit Score Verizon
Futurology Magic Leap acquires 3D division of Dacuda in Zurich Xpost /MagicLeap Zurich
mildlyinteresting Really small bowl? Really big Lego guy? Lego
gaming How to install and play DOOM on your Porsche 911 Porsche
mildlyinteresting Melting lamp posts in Halifax Nova Scotia Halifax
OldSchoolCool Taken in the mid 80's- My grandfather, Ronald Wright, worked as a sound technician for CBS for many years and eventually retired with them. Here he is fitting our 40th President Ronald Regan with his microphone before a live broadcast. Sorry about the quality. CBS
news Kraft Heinz abandons £115bn Unilever mega-deal Unilever
videos How to mod your Porsche 911 to run Doom in 3 easy steps Porsche
personalfinance Using Discover It CC to pay for tuition Discover
gaming Guy Mods His Porsche 911 to Run Doom Game Played at 2:54 Porsche
worldnews Kraft Heinz drops Unilever takeover bid Unilever
WritingPrompts WP You're in Walmart and you pass the wall of missing children. You notice a photo of an infant child last seen decades ago, along with a picture of what they might look like today. It's undeniable - this second picture is you. Walmart
mildlyinteresting My Xbox perfectly aligns with my TV Xbox
videos How to mod your Porsche 911 or other car to run Doom in 3 easy steps Porsche
Documentaries A Challenge to Democracy 1944 A Film On The United State's Governments Forced Internment of Japanese-Americans During WWII Which Began 75 Years Ago Today United
mildlyinteresting This KFC has a spork option KFC
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's fry is unusually long. McDonald's
pics The art you'll find on a Walmart iPad. Walmart
mildlyinteresting I used all the pieces of this IKEA train set in a continuous loop, with no additional pieces IKEA
pics A Chinese typewriter made by IBM which can print over 5000 different characters IBM
AskReddit We all know BMW drivers are the biggest assholes on the road. Who's the 2nd biggest? BMW
explainlikeimfive ELI5 What power does the United Nations actually have? United
Futurology Can Facebook Help Humanity Take Its “Next Step”? Facebook
news French diner receives accidental prestigious Michelin Star. Michelin
news Mysterious Purple Glow Spotted in Sky over Metro Vancouver appears to be from a local Langley greenhouse that is testing out some new technology. Sky
todayilearned TIL the official name for Mexico is the United Mexican States. United
personalfinance almost accepted credit card offer but Citi changed APR Citi
AskReddit People who like Coke or Pepsi but hate the other. Why? Pepsi
todayilearned TIL that since 2011, Sweden's official Twitter account is run by a different citizen curator each week, empowering the people to share stories of their country. Twitter
videos How to mod your Porsche 911 to run Doom Porsche
gaming How to mod your Porsche 911 to run Doom Porsche
pics Stopped to take a photo of some big surf on my way to work. A couple hours later I got a notification that Google "stylized" my picture. Google
Documentaries Behind Bars: Prisons Undercover 2017. A BBC Panorama documentary on a private prison in the North of England run by Sodexo BBC
mildlyinteresting New Subway train in Moscow, Russia. Subway
Jokes Francis Ford Coppola directed the film "Jack". Ford
UpliftingNews Workmen's cafe overwhelmed with customers after it is accidentally awarded a Michelin star Michelin
Showerthoughts "Jinx, poke, you owe me a Coke" must be the most worn-out phrase at the Coca-Cola facilities in Atlanta Coca-Cola
worldnews British Citizens becoming increasingly unlikely and concerned about travelling to the United States under new Phone Data Search laws. United
UpliftingNews Face transplant recipient overwhelmed by result - BBC News BBC
sports Funny post game interview on Sky Sports pool Sky
gaming How to mod your Porsche 911 or other car to run Doom in 3 easy steps Porsche
todayilearned TIL 7 of the United State's "10 most congested highways" are in Los Angeles, making it one of the biggest fuel-wasting regions in the area. United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: In "The Social Network", Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake said that he would put Facebook on two continents. What does that mean? Facebook
pics When you leave Verizon for Sprint but realize Sprint doesn't even work Verizon
pics When you leave Verizon for Sprint but realize Sprint doesn't even work Sprint
Music Mumford and Sons to boycott Swedish music festival after sexual assaults - BBC News BBC
news Goat and UPS Driver Form Unlikely Friendship: 'She Is Always Around for a Great Laugh' UPS
AskReddit Who would be the best President for the United States that would be make everyone happy? United
food Homemade Chocolate Casoncelli on Blood Orange Fillets with Caramelized Peanut Kernels Orange
space Donald J. Trump on Twitter - "It is very sad to see what @BarackObama has done with NASA. He has gutted the program and made us dependent on the Russians." Twitter
funny In August, I posted a pic from my local grocery store to my personal Facebook page... months later I'm finding it as a meme. The power of the Internet. Facebook
movies I started writing long form film reviews last year on Facebook and recently launched my own website! I'd love to get some opinions! Facebook
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Subreddit Title Brand
Showerthoughts Using AT&T indoors is like using an iPod AT&T
gaming PS4 Interrupts Xbox One's US Sales Streak in November Xbox
AskReddit Serious Why didn't Facebook ever develop a dating app? Facebook
AskReddit Which language produces the funniest results when translated back to English using Google Translate? Google
AskReddit Who would be your top five picks to be President of the United States? United
gaming No Man's Sky has amazing hitboxes x-post /NoMansSkyTheGame Sky
videos Pigeon story: How the Rock Dove became the Sky Rat Sky
videos Pigeon story: How the Rock Dove became the Sky Rat Dove
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is Air Force One a bigass Boeing 747? Boeing
videos Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane gets a Reporter turnt up during an interview and he blacks out. Gucci
books Is there an easier way to get an epub into Google Play Books?!? Google
listentothis Nucleust -- Of King And Tree Djent, Progressive Metal2016 Progressive
todayilearned TIL The "You've Got Mail" guy is now an Uber driver Uber
todayilearned TIL that all "Granny Smith" Apple trees are clones grafted not grown of a single tree in Australia. Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why can't you delete a Microsoft Word document directly on Microsoft Word? Microsoft
Showerthoughts After Apple and Samsung both decided to get rid of the head phone jack, maybe it's actually beneficial. Apple
todayilearned TIL that Apple produced a Mac computer that can receive TV signals in 1993 that only sold for 5 months. Apple
AskReddit How do you spread your Youtube channel? Youtube
AskReddit People who were Wells Fargo customers that had accounts opened under your name without your knowledge, what's your story? Wells Fargo
AskReddit Serious Non Americans, what are your views on the United States military? United
funny Didn't expect Google to be THIS accurate. It was exactly what I was searching for. Google
Showerthoughts Gary Wright's "Dream Weaver" should play every time someone opens Adobe Dreamweaver. Adobe
videos Awesome drone video of Newport Beach California Newport
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are American news channels so opinionated and pundit-heavy? Why are there no non-biased, straight news channels like Sky News in the US? Sky
personalfinance 401k: My Work moved to PNC and PNC won't keep my allocations, anyone else have this trouble? PNC
videos Incredible Takeoff and climb New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner ANA airlines Boeing
gaming Games Like H1Z1 for Xbox One? Xbox
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Facebook make those moment videos? Facebook
gaming Is there a free full casino game on PC? Something like Casino Kid for NES. Just walk around and play whatever games you want. Casino
gaming No Man's Sky is by far the best Lube Farming simulator out there. Sky
nottheonion Hijacked Walmart truck leads Spokane Police on historic chase Walmart
todayilearned TIL making false statements is a federal crime in the United States. United
Showerthoughts Sometimes when I feel bad, I wish Fred Rogers was still around. Rogers
todayilearned TIL if it wasn't for Mr Rogers bringing his understudy to Canada, we wouldn't have had Mr Dress-up Rogers
dataisbeautiful Wealth Inequality in the United States United
news State Police: Victims Live on Facebook Before Deadly Crash Facebook
videos Mr. Rogers acceptance speech for his Life time achievement award. Rogers
Art 3D Ferrari car, Cyber Space, 3D Art, 2016 Ferrari
AskReddit Which do you prefer out of the three, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or Tim Hortons? Why? Starbucks
gaming Commodore in 2016? No problem. My Intel powered C64 Intel
videos Mr. Rogers explains to children why violence and shootings occur. Rogers
AskReddit Which one do you prefer, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut or Dominos? Pizza Hut
funny If you text a random number with your Facebook linked to your Phone number, you're going to have a bad time. Facebook
Showerthoughts Nobody ever goes on the second page of Google results Google
videos Mr. Rogers Talks With Parents About Discipline Rogers
mildlyinteresting This one packet of sauce from Taco Bell has no phrase printed on it Bell
television More Mr. Rogers - Michael Keaton on Fred Rogers Rogers
pics Accidentally took this Shot of a Nikon with my new Sony A7rii. Sony
funny Did McDonald's Just Ask Me to the Dance? McDonald's
videos set your Facebook Group URL Facebook
AskReddit People outside the United States, what are the most popular songs of your country right now? United
Music 4 Your Eyez Only by J. Cole on Apple Music Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are some Youtube comments so one-dimensional and why do they always seem to get the most likes? Youtube
pics Drew an iPhone On Adobe Illustrator for Little Sisters' Homework. I added a bit of flair to it. Adobe
AskReddit If Starbucks has a custom drink made for you, what would the name of it be? Bonus, what would be inside of it? Starbucks
space Another John Glenn tribute desktop image I made using that Delta IV long exposure image. HYLI Delta
worldnews Sydney doctor murdered wife with insulin shot - BBC News BBC
pics Prince Rogers Nelson. late 70s Rogers
Music 4 Your Eyez Only by J. Cole now on Apple Music Apple
worldnews German Intel Agency: Russia Is Trying to Destabilize Germany Intel
videos New Burger King Hotdogs Cause Food Poisoning Burger King
news US actor Judge Reinhold arrested in Dallas - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts What if the Walmart self checkouts are unpaid training for the public who will all eventually work at Walmart when they take over and become our overlords when there are no jobs left but working at Walmart? Walmart
IAmA AMA Request Dan Bell @ThisIsDanBell Bell
worldnews Australia's richest woman Gina Rinehart to buy Kidman estate - BBC News BBC
space Neil Degrasse Tyson gives a toast to John Glenn at AMNH Holaday Party Tyson
AskReddit How does the Flat Earth Society's perspective of John Glenn's passing differ from the rest of the United States? United
space Neil deGrasse Tyson Gives toast to John Glenn at AMNH Holiday Party Tyson
videos A little known fact, Mr Rogers was an amazing rap artist. Rogers
movies Fixed music for Ghost in the Shell trailer. Shell
gaming Best No Man's Sky Mods and mod installation guide Sky
news Veterans Eye Flint Water Crisis as Next Target Following the Standing Rock Protests Target
science Scientists Discover Feathered Dinosaur Tail Trapped in Amber Discover
worldnews US actor Judge Reinhold arrested in Dallas - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers are hanging and decide they need to have a trio. Who should be added to their group? Rogers
todayilearned TIL that Michael Keaton started his acting career on Mr. Rogers neighborhood and was on the production staff for years. Rogers
OldSchoolCool My Grandfather in 1966 at the Columbia gorge. He is standing next to my Grandmothers 1965 Chevrolet Super Sport. Chevrolet
AskReddit Why is President of the United States called Leader of the free world ? United
Jokes Pancho and Cisco would usually pass the days just doing nothing in particular... Cisco
Jokes Pancho and Cisco would usually pass the days just doing nothing in particular. Cisco
Showerthoughts Yelp is the Michelin Star rating system for cheap food. Michelin
tifu TIFU: Allowing things to get so far as to enable someone to post my Facebook on a GameFAQs message board as revenge. Facebook
Showerthoughts Watching that video clip of Mr. Rogers absolutely MESMERIZING Senator John Pastore while defending PBS at a Senate hearing, I realized that Donald Trump is basically just the evil-goatee-alternate-universe-version of Fred Rogers. Rogers
worldnews S Korea lawmakers vote to impeach leader - BBC News BBC
news S Korea lawmakers vote to impeach leader - BBC News BBC
worldnews South Korea lawmakers vote to impeach leader - BBC News BBC
videos GTA 5 Cheats PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 & Xbox 360 Xbox
pics Beautiful Landscape Sky Nature Landscapes Wild Area Sky
gifs 32 years of Dubai's growth, courtesy of Google Earth 1984-2016 Google
Jokes Why didn't Thomas Jefferson drive a Jeep Wrangler? Jeep
listentothis Harakiri For The Sky -- The Traces We Leave Death Metal/Black Metal 2016 Sky
Jokes Why did Walt Disney visit a mechanic? Walt Disney
AskReddit Why dafuq is Trump going for the Winston Churchill look in his pictures? Winston
news Hamilton: 'I want to apologise to heat scheme whistleblower' - BBC News BBC
news Islamic State 'has lost 50,000 fighters' over two years - BBC News BBC
news Canada lags behind Mexico in exports to the US - BBC News BBC
videos How This Sea Shell Knows the Weather in Greenland Shell
funny Saw this in my Facebook feed tonight... I need to move out of California. Facebook
worldnews Chapecoense crash: Bolivia official accuses bosses of cover-up - BBC News BBC
gaming Help with Skyrim SE mods on Xbox one Xbox
worldnews Trafficked babies, black money and India's values - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL in the garden of a house in Zurich where Erwin Schrödinger lived in the 1920s, there’s a figure of a cat that can appear either alive or dead, depending on light conditions. Zurich
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Do artificial sweetners like in Pepsi Max cause weight gain? Pepsi
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Could the United States government or the state governments invalidate all existing same-sex marriages? United
funny This girl destroyed the receipt after a Costco staff drew her a rabbit?. She actually threw it on the escalator and kicked it away. Lol Costco
WritingPrompts WP You search Google and find there are no results for 'United States'. Google
television [The Return of Doctor Mysterio: Official TV Trailer - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 BBC One](https://www.reddit.com/television/comments/5hdgx2/the_return_of_doctor_mysterio_official_tv_traile)
videos Woman Amazingly Plays 'Carol of the Bells' On A Handmade Bell Suit Bell
worldnews China: Xi calls for stricter ideological control of universities - BBC News BBC
funny This girl destroyed the receipt after a Costco staff drew her a rabbit?. She actually threw it on the escalator and kicked it away. Lol Costco
news Veles, Macedonia - Fake news on Facebook is a thriving business raking in thousands every month. Facebook
Documentaries LONDON CALLING: BBC bias during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum 2016. BBC
philosophy [Why sexual desire is objectifying – and hence morally wrong – Raja Halwani Aeon Ideas](https://www.reddit.com/philosophy/comments/5hdhw8/why_sexual_desire_is_objectifying_and_hence/)
funny This girl destroyed the receipt after a Costco staff drew her a rabbit?. She actually threw it on the escalator and kicked it away. Lol Costco
todayilearned TIL Fred McFeely Rogers Actually Never Served In The Military Rogers
worldnews Robot takeover begins? Corporate giant Capita replaces staff with automatons Capita
videos [How to Fix Copyright on Youtube 2016
videos Beautiful' dinosaur tail found preserved in amber - BBC News BBC
movies [How to Fix Copyright on Youtube 2016
news Veterans Eye Flint Water Crisis as Next Target Following the Standing Rock Protests Target
Futurology Robot takeover begins? Corporate giant Capita replaces staff with automatons Capita
videos Get custom URL of Facebook Group Facebook
worldnews Veles, Macedonia - Fake news on Facebook is a thriving business raking in thousands every month. Facebook
todayilearned TIL that Volkswagen won an Ig Nobel prize for " for solving the problem of excessive automobile pollution emissions by automatically, electromechanically producing fewer emissions whenever the cars are being tested." Volkswagen
gaming One of the best 99 cent games I ever purchased. I got a pin for it at PAX 2010 and I saw it browsing the Xbox live store. Promos do pay off. Xbox
Showerthoughts Before the Internet ,we would spend a lot of time telling jokes to each other .now you just have to Google it. Google
WritingPrompts WPBucky Barnes actually got a prediction about his miserable future after he was rescued by Steven Rogers from Hydra. However, without any details, it is impossible for him to save himself. Rogers
news "The BBC was unable to verify the size of Olivio's behind." BBC
pics They say nothing stops a Jeep. Sometimes they just need a Subaru to start it. Subaru
gifs A Boeing 720 being flown into the ground to test a fuel additive 12/1/1984 Boeing
videos Braxton Miller was an Xbox level spin move Xbox
videos Fiona Apple - Paper Bag Apple
worldnews [Uber is treating its drivers as sweated labour, says report Uber treats its drivers as Victorian-style “sweated labour”, with some taking home less than the minimum wage, according to a report into its working conditions based on the testimony of dozens of drivers.](https://www.reddit.com/worldnews/comments/5hdw4u/uber_is_treating_its_drivers_as_sweated_labou)
pics Buying from eBay can be a dangerous game eBay
news Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent stepping down Kent
AskReddit What are the dos and don'ts of visiting the United Kingdom? United
tifu TIFU: By not looking into what TD means on Tinder. TD
videos [The Return of Doctor Mysterio: Official TV Trailer - Doctor Who Christmas Special 2016 BBC One](https://www.reddit.com/videos/comments/5he0tc/the_return_of_doctor_mysterio_official_tv_traile)
news Coca-Cola says CEO Muhtar Kent to step down in May Kent
AskReddit Tesla is an Apple to Electronic Cars, who will become an Andriod for Electronic Cars? Apple
funny Only in Halifax Kijiji Halifax
funny So, I get this ad on my Facebook like everyday. I die laughing every time because of Gastly in the BG looking different directions due to the mirror. Facebook
funny So, I get this ad on my Facebook like everyday. I die laughing every time because of Gastly in the BG looking different directions due to the mirror. BG
news 'Thirty killed' in Nigeria suicide attack - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts A large portion of people reading this have no idea that Walmart was not always open 24/7. Walmart
worldnews 'Thirty killed' in Nigeria suicide attack - BBC News BBC
Art Sleepy Fox, Adobe Illustrator, 8" x 7" Adobe
Documentaries "Diving Bell ; The Truth Shall Not Sink with Sewol" 2015 Bell
todayilearned TIL that article 2 of the Constitution of the United States of America states that you have to be 35 years or older to run for office United
worldnews 'Thirty killed' in Nigeria suicide attack - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting The toy animals at Target have genitalia Target
explainlikeimfive ELI5: why do climate change deniers only really exist in the United States? United
news Stolen Walmart truck leads Spokane Police on historic chase Walmart
todayilearned TIL That Walt Disney father worked on the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair and would tell stories of all the countries coming together for a big Expo. That sparked his interested in future Worlds Fair, which was the inspiration for Epcot. Walt Disney
todayilearned TIL That Walt Disney father worked on the 1893 Chicago Worlds Fair and would tell stories of all the countries coming together for a big Expo. That sparked his interested in future Worlds Fair, which was the inspiration for Epcot. Walt Disney
UpliftingNews A UPS driver who spotted "call 911" scrawled on a package helped police free a woman who had been held captive in her own home and sexually assaulted, authorities said UPS
movies Ghost In The Shell Official Trailer 2017- Scarlett Johansson Movie Shell
Music J Coles "4 Your Eyez Only" released today, after listening to it 3 times through, here are my thoughts/review on the album as a long time fan. Coles
Showerthoughts If Superman was created today, he'd have a hard time finding a place to 'change' from Clark Kent into Superman. Kent
videos Trolling My Kids with Google Home Google
news Police: UPS driver helps free captive woman UPS
worldnews Trump offers Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn directorship of National Economic Council Goldman Sachs
Showerthoughts If bar soap was once made with animal fat, did Dove used to be made with dove fat? Dove
todayilearned TIL In 2009, Pepsi started marketing itself as Pecsi in Argentina in response to its name being mispronounced by 25% of the population and as a way to connect more with all of the population Pepsi
news ‘Alt-Right’ Trumpsters Discover True Meaning of ‘Star Wars,’ Wage #DumpStarWars Campaign Discover
todayilearned TIL that Fred Rogers HATED a Wendy's ad starring "Mr. Rodney" because he might confuse children by trying to sell them hamburgers, but he warmly remembers visiting & hugging Eddie Murphy while he was taping "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood" Rogers
funny I was looking for the new Android update. Google assistant found something else for me :/ Google
OldSchoolCool Seretse Khama 1st Pres. of Botswana and his wife Ruth Williams, on whom "A United Kingdom" is based, in the 1960s United
worldnews [Rupert Murdoch's Fox agrees deal to buy Sky Business](https://www.reddit.com/worldnews/comments/5heng1/rupert_murdochs_fox_agrees_deal_to_buy_sky/)
WritingPrompts WP Superman thinks everyone buys his Clark Kent alias, but everyone at the Daily Planet knows that he is superman. No one will tell him because he is oblivious to it and the joke has gone on for years. Even Lois is in on it but won't tell him. Kent
news Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox Fox agrees deal to buy Sky 21st Century Fox
pics 14th St-Union Sq Subway Station Last Night Subway
news Seaborne radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster has been detected on the West Coast of the United States for the first time. United
news 21st Century Fox in £18.5bn bid for Sky - BBC News Sky
news 21st Century Fox in £18.5bn bid for Sky - BBC News BBC
news The European Union EU has started legal action against seven nations. Four, including the UK and Germany, are under fire for failing to take action against Volkswagen for cheating emission tests. Member states have two months to respond. Volkswagen
pics Picture of the moon that I took last night. Sony A6000 with 55-210 lens. Sony
worldnews Twenty-First Century Fox approaches Britain's Sky for takeover Sky
Showerthoughts I am surprised that Facebook and Twitter are more popular than Reddit. Facebook
Showerthoughts I am surprised that Facebook and Twitter are more popular than Reddit. Twitter
news Twenty-First Century Fox approaches Britain's Sky for takeover Sky
worldnews Twenty-First Century Fox approaches Britain's Sky for takeover Sky
Futurology After hearing about it for a couple of years, here is McDonald's self-service kiosk. McDonald's
videos The Adobe Song Adobe
videos Try not to cry, Mr. Rogers goodbye Rogers
AskReddit Cops of Reddit, what's your opinion on citizen concealed carry in the United States? United
Futurology Facebook Should Crush Fake News The Way Google Crushed Spammy Content Farms Google
worldnews Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox to buy all of Europe's Sky 21st Century Fox
news Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox to buy all of Europe's Sky 21st Century Fox
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Norwegian Joy Cruise Ship Tour of Nine Different Cabins ... - YouTube Canadian Makes Thousands of Dollars Smuggling Water into ... Nova Scotia Travel Guide - The Best Road Trip Ideas  The ... 6 Things You Can Get Free On A Cruise - If You Ask - YouTube What's Included (And Extra) on Perfect Day at ... - YouTube Madagascar Street Food!!! Super RARE Malagasy ... - YouTube Royal Princess Cruise Ship and Cabin Tour - YouTube Best Moment: 1892 H. F. Farny Watercolor & Gouache ... What I Wish I'd Known Before I Went On A Royal Caribbean ...

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Norwegian Joy Cruise Ship Tour of Nine Different Cabins ...

This is a tour of a range of cabin categories on Norwegian Joy.We have a nice look around these Norwegian Joy staterooms to give you an idea of how you can s... How can you get free things on your next cruise, and get much more bang for your cruising bucks? I discuss the 6 main areas of cruise freebies that are avail... Subscribe to the Eat Sleep Cruise YouTube Channel if you love to travel and cruise the world!https://www.youtube.com/c/EatSleepCruise1?sub_confirmation=1Roya... Watch a VIDEO REVIEW of Princess Cruises Royal Princess in 4K Ultra HD. We take you on a full tour of this beautiful ship including cabin stateroom tours, r... Cindy McNeil is a Canadian water smuggler. Every other day she makes the trip from B.C. into Washington state with a trunk load of fresh Canadian water to se... Planning a Royal Caribbean cruise? Her are some great travel tips and advice to make the most of your first cruise! [Subscribe for more Royal Caribbean video... 🎥Full Madagascar Playlist: http://bit.ly/BestEverMadagascar🇲🇬GO ON YOUR TOUR OF MADAGASCAR! » http://bit.ly/Ramartour👕GET YOUR BEST EVER MERCH! » http:/... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The best things to do in Nova Scotia from Cape Breton to the South Shore. This Nova Scotia travel guide takes you on a road trip through Nova Scotia. Subscr... How did a mosquito reveal a masterpiece? Meredith Hilferty appraises this 1892 H. F. Farny watercolor & gouache painting in Harrisburg, Hour 1. See more Seas...